Monday, 23 July 2007

New Animation production...

This is a visual I produced for Kronfli-Duliba Productions to illustrate the concept for a new set of TV commercials for Park, a major Christmas Hamper and savings scheme located in the UK.
I've provided the character animation for all of Park's commercials since they introduced the Pink Fairy 5 years ago. In fact I helped design the character too.
We have just started to produce the animation for 3 new commercials, due to run from Autumn this year and into next year.
I can't say anything about the content of the ads except that they'll be as entertaining and charming as ever. Julian Kronfli at Kronfli-Duliba Productions has devised a sharp and witty concept and his live action direction is second to none. The key point to directing the live action for these commercials is that his main star, the Pink Fairy, will be added later by me, so all the scenes have to be shot with the animated character just being imagined in Julian's head. He has to direct the actors to react to something that isn't there.
I've received the live action footage and Julian and I have discussed what the fairy has to do. We usually come up with some additional ideas regarding the character's performance, and throughout the animation process I will add to that to round out the emotional performance and the character's interreaction with the actors.
I'm not going to show any material during the production, but once the commercials are on air I'll let you into one or two secrets about the process of animating a 2D character in a live action world; or at least how I do it.
View one of last year's commercials at Park's website HERE.

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