Thursday, 19 July 2007

Print Progress

Work and life have been rather busy recently, so on the day that I post my prints to the USA I can quickly grab a few minutes to update my progress on the print exchange. The images in this post cover completion of the carving of the key block in Cherry and a print taken from it, which was then used to reproduce the areas for the individual colour blocks; the carving of the Cherry colour blocks and a test printing of the colours.

Key Block and print, including Kento marks.

After printing the linework I removed the border and other lines that weren't needed for the finished black print. They were printed to be used on the colour blocks. The Kento marks were also printed in order to transfer the same registration from the key block to the colour blocks. I used this print to draw up all the colour blocks.

2 Carved colour blocks

Close up of red block

Once the carving was completed I did a test print of each block in the colours I'd selected. I'm using Winsor and Newton Artist's Watercolours for this print.

Colour tests

The 3 colours I'm using are: Alizarin Crimson, Yellow Ochre and Phthalo Blue. I'm using the blue in 2 strengths, one as a kind of "grey block" to create simple shading and secondary colours and a stronger mix for the sky, domes and doors.

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