Monday, 14 May 2007

Rough Print Design

Here's a very rough sketch of the design I've decided to produce for the print exchange I've signed up for. The theme for the exchange is "3 Colours" and the format is Chu-tanzaku (13 x 39 cms).

This was my second design idea. I scrapped the first one except for the idea of a downward narrative that unfolds as you read the image top to bottom. In this case the journey of a cat through the Greek town to meet the old woman or Priest (I haven't decided which yet).

The format is a little wide at the moment so I'll have to adjust some of the detail when I redraw it. I'm going to keep the colours simple, and add a mosaic style border around the image in just the 3 colours.

There'll be 5 blocks to carve: the black key block, blue, a light red-brown, a rich yellow and a grey block.

Although the subject matter is vaguely Greek (based on memories of harbour towns on Greek Islands we've visited) I wanted to incorporate Ukiyo-e design ideas too. The tight cropping of the image, and the non-western flat perspective where things at the top of an image are considered to be further away from things at the bottom of the image, even though they appear to be the same size.

A long way to go before I've got finished prints in my hands. In many ways the design is the easy bit.


Diane Cutter said...

Mark... This will be a wonderful print. It's a perfect set-up for a 3 color process. I'll look forward to your progress reports. You need to submit your blog link to the Baren blog list!

Mark Mason said...

Thanks Diane, I've offered my Blog up to the Baren blog list recently. It's not exclusively a woodblock print blog site though, but we'll see.

Annie B said...

Hi Mark,
A great design. I look forward to watching your progress.