Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Seal carver to recommend - Harmonyunion

I've just recieved this beautiful seal set, custom made for me by Liwen Deng in China. He has an eBay shop from where he sells his own carved seals and custom designed seals.

I asked if he could carve my name using Kanji (or original Chinese symbols), but he also carves words in other languages (or a mixture of both) as well as images or any other designs. If you can design it, Deng can carve it.

As you can see, the seal is made up of 4 symbols which read phonetically as Mark Mason.
Each word meaning is: Ma--a horse, Ke- overcome, Mei-plum flower, Sen-forest.

I wanted something humourous to reflect my work as a cartoon animator, and a horse overcome by a forest of plum blossoms is quite fun.

What is so good about Deng's service is the quality of the materials he works with and his skill as a carver, added to which, he supplied the seal in a beautiful little case with a small tin of seal paste, and all for $15.00 and around $7.00 shipping from China to the UK.

I have a couple of designs of my initials which I use on my prints which I'm going to ask Deng to carve as seals.

Please have a look at Deng's eBay shop "Harmonyunion" and support a great hardworking craftsman.

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