Friday, 27 May 2011

Japanese Earthquake Relief Print

It's been a while since my last post; 'Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans' John Lennon wrote, and Blogging is what doesn't happen when life does.
I had to post something about the first of 2 international print projects I'm involved with this year.
The first is known by 2 names, 'Inspired by Japan' and 'Relief in Relief'. Click on the links for related web pages.
Over 60 woodblock printmakers from around the world are submitting prints to raise funds for relief efforts in Japan following the earthquakes and tsunami in March this year.

Here are the blocks for my print, 4 in all, black,mid grey, light grey and pink.

The image is inspired by traditional Japanese motifs: sumi painting, nature, cherry blossom etc, and a seismic map I spotted online which showed all the earthquakes and aftershocks in the couple of days after the 9.0 quake.

I need to proof and print my blocks next week in order to hit the deadline, so I'll post some progress reports as I go.


Ellen Shipley said...

That's going to be quite interesting. Looking forward to seeing the print.

Lizzie said...

I am excited to see how this print turns out. The design is so interesting - organic, but kind of scientific stuff too! I would never have thought of using a seismic map as inspiration for a print - not even one about the Japanese earthquake disaster.
I'll keep my eyes open for the proofs post!

Andrew Stone said...

Great blocks,
Love the calligraphic line of your tree branch/fault line.
Nice carving and I like the ideas.

Looking forward to seeing the print.